Monday, January 25, 2010

Evening Birdsong

Chickadees are my favorite birds, even more favorite than hummingbirds.
Now how's that for good English?

I love everything about them, the way they dart in and out of the garden, their cheerful songs, the tidy way they take one seed or nut from the feeder and work on it in a nearby tree. I have even had the pleasure of feeding one by hand a few years back. Ok, so I stood there for a half hour with my arm up, elbow locked into my waist ( yup, I still had a waist back then! ), but it did come to my hand three or four times. I swear, I stopped breathing while my heart was pounding and about to burst with joy.

I am looking forward to warmer weather, so that I can keep the windows open longer, and enjoy their singing.


Jo said...

lovely shot! I'm still a hummingbird girl but chickadee's are a close second!

Sue said...

Lovely photo would die for the little robins in Ireland. My mum had one we named Perky who came into the house almost every day.
I miss the little English robins.

laterg8r said...

sweet pic :D

uncertainhorizon said...

Wonderful photo! I love birds, I can't wait to get some back here after winter.